Ombre Hair

In Beauty on March 11, 2010 at 12:52 pm

Rachel Bilson is rocking a very trendy hairstyle right now (and one of my favorite words) Ombre Hair! Bilson’s once richly brunette head has turned from bombshell brown, to blonde tips before our eyes. Despite this hair style looking like inverse roots, it actually has become a popular way to color your hair.

How to Get this Look:
If you want to go for natural tones, then just lighten your mid-length and ends at least 3 shades lighter than your base. Then go back to your last 2-3 inches of hair and lighten again. If you want to make it a funky color, have your hair professionally bleached and tone with any desired pure pigment shade such as a Manic Panic Color. Apply shade at the bottom 2-3 inches and let process. Then dilute the remaining color with water and using your fingers work it into the mid-shaft.

Should You Rock this Look?
Teens and young fashionistas are perfect for this! It is also great for anyone in the arts/music industry. Everyone else….not for you.

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