Mad About Plaid

In Fashion on October 14, 2009 at 4:09 pm

Charlotte Russe White Plaid Dress

Paul Bunion and the Brawny Man are best known for their super masculine persona and their plaid attire. It’s no surprise then that red and black plaid can easily remind onlookers of a lumberjack. But plaid is a fall fashion statement that we all are drawn to, so how do we wear plaid without looking like a 1990’s era Nirvana fan or the aforementioned lumber jack?

White Plaid is it. White, Black, Navy and Grey Plaids are neutral enough to pull off this western-esq look and still look chic! Pair a white plaid sheath dress with some killer red pumps or black booties and you’ll look twiggy chic!

Check out these Neutral Plaids to satisfy your mad about plain mentality:

Charlotte Russe Plaid Tweed Dress
Cost: $34.99

Roxy Punk Princess Plaid Strapless Dress – Navy
Cost: $54.50

Forever21Plaid Flap Top Dress – Black & White
Cost: $19.80

Max StudioTextured Plaid Tunic – Black
Cost: $118.00

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