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Toy Shop Treasure

In Accessories on July 25, 2009 at 3:41 pm


Remember the days when Swatch watches dominated the wrists of trendiest girls at the mall? When a whimsical timepiece was also the epitome of cool? Well those days are back with uber hip Italian watchmaker Toy Watch.

Toy Watch makes hundreds of candy colored and metallic chronograph watches that are being spotted on celebrities everywhere. These watches hit it big when Oprah endorsed them (along with her other fave TOK). Also recently Michelle Obama was spotted wearing a fun purple Toy Watch while traveling in Italy.

Along with standard colored pieces, they also feature acrylic and rubber pieces with gems and shimmery bezels. I especially love this Toy Watch Sport Chrono Watch 39MM. Oversized watches are so hot right now so prepare for these to be adorning the wrists of the trendiest girls at the mall again!

Cost: $150-$300
Buy it: and