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Assault Shield

In Fashion on January 25, 2010 at 6:25 pm

When cosmetic counter women and dermatologists ask me what kind of skin I have, I regularly balk at the question. Um…my skin is dry, oily, t-zone, acne and wrinkle prone, and my pores seem HUGE (especially when I stare at them in my 10x mirror). Of course I want to be protected from evil UV rays, and yes, I would like the teenage acne (that seems to have magically appeared up in my 20’s) to go away. and YES, I do not want the wrinkles, which are being caused by contemplating my skin care routine, to be permanently etched in my forehead.

Recently I have started using a new face moisturizer and have fallen in love! Estee Lauder’s Day Wear Plus multi protection anti-oxidant creme keeps my dry skin moisturized, my acne prone skin calm, and the harmful UV rays at bay…all while protecting me from wrinkles. This yummy smelling, non-greasy, light lotion is a protective moisturizer which actively shields my skin to help prevent lines before they appear—so my skin looks smoother and healthier, longer.

This product has a myriad of benefits…starting with:

Anti-Oxidant Protection
An ultra potent blend of anti-oxidants includes rare South African Red Tea, Grape Seed, and a supercharged combination of Vitamins C and E. Re-energizes skin’s own defenses with White Birch Extract and Eukarion.

UV Protection
Helps turn away the sun’s damaging rays with a skin-friendly, ultra gentle SPF 15 sunscreen.

Moisture Protection
Dual moisture system keeps skin feeling hydrated and healthy.
A special moisture magnet provides an instant burst of hydration.
Our nourishing Tri-Lipid Blend boosts skin’s own moisture barrier so internal moisture is conserved.

Buy It: Estee Lauder
Cost: $39.50 (1.7 oz.)

Best Face Forward

In Fashion on December 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm

As we all know, your Facebook or Twitter profile picture is oh-so important! Getting one professionally done is not totally out of the question but here is your chance to get a makeover and a photo taken for free. Estee Lauder is holding their Profile Picture Makeover event all across the country.

You get a free makeover, as well as, a 10-day supply of foundation. Then they take a picture of your perfect face and email the digital copy to you. Put your best “face” forward!

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